What IS a “White Order”?


The former American branch of the Black Order of Pan-Europa has changed its name to the White Order. The primary interest of the leadership in doing so was simply to distinguish itself from the international Black Order, from which it had broken for politico-ideological reasons. However, this particular change of names also involved a shift in spiritual perspective and values, as a significant part of the membership so desired it.

An Order that’s White in spirit as well as in the flesh is built on ancient foundations. its usages are not arbitrary human constructs, but universal and eternal forms that have guided the race since its first appearance on this planet. For example, the traditional system of initiatory degrees (not used in WOT–Ed.) is based on the ten fundamental spheres of energy, determined by the seven major chakras in the body plus three supracorporeal regions that lie beyond. These are shown on the cover in the chart from the book NOS by Miguel Serrano, with the exception of the tenth and highest–possibly because it’s often considered so ineffable that it’s beyond all human efforts to depict symbolically.

The chart is adequate, however, to explain the true, metaphysical derivation of White and Black Orders, and their actual relation to each other. I myself use the term “Ultrasphere” for the ninth center, designated “Elella” and “Nos” by Serrano; and the “black hole” or Void separating this from the seven spheres of the rest of creation is called the Abyss in many schools.

One interpretation of the “Black Order” is that it is composed of souls who have plunged or fallen into the Abyss and failed to make it across. Thus they become trapped in this Void of Spirit, believing that existence is meaningless; they are lost souls stripped of identity and purpose, wandering in the Abyss indefinitely, and perhaps eternally.

The true and timeless White Order has its foundation in the ground of being in the Ultrasphere across the Abyss. This is the ultimate source of life, light, and identity (Serrano’s “Ultimate Flower”–Ed.) This is what empowers the Order to accomplish the positive ends of universal destiny, called Dharma, and guarantees salvation, success, and victory to any individual or temporal grouping that permanently aligns itself with this mission. The strictures for the alignment are rigorous, being determined not by human will but by the natural operations of the cosmos. In any process or undertaking in the material world, the Dharma must be adhered to every step of the way.

The task of the White Order in the present day is formidable: to save the race and the species from its headlong planetary plunge into the Abyss. In order to do this, the vast instrumentality of evil that now dominates the Earth must be overthrown and destroyed. This is specifically the job of the Black Order, in its proper role as an arm and subsidiary of the White. The danger is that the raw primal fury and violence necessary for this task will escape the bounds of the Dharma and sweep all before it, and bring about the very doom it was intended to prevent. Adepts of the White Order know that even bloody revolution and world-scale war can be carried through in ways that do not violate the Dharma (q.v. “The Second Coming of Q”), and their task here is to see that it’s done in this way.

One of the peculiarities of the dark headset of the Movement is a tendency to idealize Hitler and romanticize the Third Reich. This leads into the kind of absurdities that are possible only in the context of a collective fantasy. The mainstream culture demonizes the Nazis as the evilest gang of dastards in history, and even considering the massive distortions inflicted on the historical record since the war, it’s still very bizarre to encounter people who seriously believe that the Fuhrer and his crew did no wrong at all, but were flawless paragons of the purest and noblest Aryan virtue.

A case can be made that the spiritual impulse in turn-of-the-century Germany exemplified by the Germanenorden and Thule Gesselschaft was a true manifestation of the White Order, and that their invokation of a German Avatar was the high magic (Magia) which called forth Adolf Hitler onto the stage of history. But even if this were so, the catastrophic fate of the Reich leaves no doubt that at some point in the operation the Black Order attained dominance over the White. This inversion of power may have taken place right at the very beginning, but it was certainly manifest by the time that Hitler threw the Thuleans into concentration camps. It’s abundantly clear that the Dharma was violated at all levels of the leadership.

Another possibility is that there was a larger Dharma involved in the disaster. Perhaps the Third Reich and World War II were necessary stages of an even vaster drama that must be played out in order to bring the age to its necessary conclusion, and lead to the ultimate apotheosis of the race and of the forces of Light. Perhaps Hitler was sent to Earth to lose the war on purpose, because this was the only way to prepare the eventual victory. Perhaps.

In any event, another valuable lesson provided by the failure of the Reich is the inadequacy of its attempt to revive the low magic of the past as a foundation for the future. The current Aryanist subculture generates endless debate on the question of why Odinism was driven into extinction by Christianity in the Middle Ages, but none of this often heated speculation ever hits the mark. Beneath all the military, racial, and cultural elements is the fact that Christianity was a high religion while Odinism was not, and hence Christianity was metaphysically more powerful. So it was that a bastardized but high alien creed was able to overcome the forces of the native Aryan low religion. And it will do so again and again, whenever two such forces come into conflict.

So what’s the distinction between high and low religion? The same as that between high and low magic: the doctrines and practices of high religion originate from Across the Abyss. Even when the usages of any such religion become corrupt and fall away from their high origin, they still retain a large measure of the metaphysical force accruing from it.

The only hope for the children of the Northern peoples to collectively cross the Abyss and find their Dharma is by means of an Aryan high religion. And even if there has not been one in physical manifestation for a thousand years, it’s yet possible for this to change, because the transmission-chain of White Order initiates has remained unbroken for much, much longer than this. When the times and the seasons are ripe, the thrice-ancient teachings and magics will reappear and seem new to those who live at the tail end of millennia. And thus we can hope for light in the darkest hour.

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