We Good Europeans – Max Frith




There is an American-invented prejudice which should be dragged out into the light where it will perish, like the fungal growth that it is. This prejudice is the over-used American preference to the qualities of Northern Europeans. I do not here denote the use of the word “Northern” as used to describe Scandinavian countries, but rather its misuse as a term to describe some form of “real” European. The strange thing about this pseudo- description is that in Europe, where men know what European means because they are Europeans, this prejudice doesn’t exist. Ironically, it is in European mutt-dom, America, that some people find the nerve to decide which Europeans are “really” Europeans, or “more Aryan” than others. A brief look at recent history should demonstrate how unfair, ignorant, and disrespectful these categorizations are. Let us use World War II.

As we all know, it was the German nations which primarily carried the Aryan torch in World War II. But, who responded to Hitler’s call, who took up arms against the Aryan resurgence, and who straddled the fence?

England and France, both Western or Northern European countries, fought against National Socialism, and therefore, against our race. Fascist Italy, on the other hand, fought with National Socialism; Spain remained embroiled in its own Fascist/Communist civil war. Both are Southern European countries.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Ukraine, all Eastern European countries, fought for Hitler in the Russian campaign, and were later sold out to the Communists for doing so – by their Northern European counterparts.

Some other Northern European countries which Americans often label as the “more Aryan” Europeans, Sweden, the Republic of Ireland, and Switzerland, all remained neutral, which, considering the implications of the battle fought, was equivalent to siding with the anti-National Socialist allies.

Even Greece, that extremely Southern European country, was pro-Axis, and would have sided with Hitler had not British intelligence assassinated its National Socialist president, General Metaxas, in 1941.

Even today, Spain has more Skinheads than America, Italy has a powerful Fascist party which includes Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter, Alessandra, and Greece’s Golden Dawn is among the most influential National Socialist entities in the world.

In consideration of the very Aryan deeds of our Southern and Eastern European brethren, past and present, should not we, as Jew-controlled, world-policing, American cross-breeds, give respect where due? Let not the cultureless define culture, Per Angusta Ad Augusta.




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