‘Till the Living Flesh is Burned! A Brief Treatise on “Humanity” – Michael L



The Age of Iron was a Golden Age. The luminous heated metal that clings to the shape of the mold, the obedience of the steel to the roughshod whim of the hammer, the thrust of the Blade into the heart of the Enemy—this is an expression of Love in its purest form, beautifully unadorned with the trappings of mere sentiment or romance. The people of this time must be made to kneel once more before their proper masters, lest the guiding principle of the common man become the species’ epitaph. What is needed now more than ever before is a clear path, the crystallization of Destiny, the one True Love that Nature feels for Man. Perhaps this is obvious, but what is not commonly acknowledged is that Destiny, once gleaned from the inner workings of the blood-soul, must be enforced and not be allowed to passively evade those whose perception is geared towards making such distinctions. The future of Man rests amongst the Stars of whose very nature he partakes by virtue of being a sovereign over his own “system,” those bodies in perpetual motion around him, be they lesser men or the icons they generate and venerate: “As above, so below.” The Veil of Heaven must be pierced and torn asunder at the cruel thrust of von Braun’s elaborated Spear of Destiny, such that our race might take ever-larger leaps onto yet farther worlds, and conquer them for the sake of Life’s Cause, “to be fruitful and multiply…”

But those elements of our species which feel a complacent and sentimental attachment to, rather than intuit an active and instinctual involvement with, our Earth, mistakenly perceive a “moral imperative” to halt the otherwise inevitable March to the Stars; they must be dealt with in absolute and unwavering terms. It must ultimately be understood that to conquer is the purest of human actions in this world; once the basic requirements of survival have been met, there still remains this push, the will-to-power which manifests most notably in those whom we would call thoroughbreds, men of Faustian cast through and through, who ultimately find no other liberation than the deed itself, however liberated it may be of conventional morality. They know that power alone and uninhibited is the ultimate liberation and ends of the survival instinct. It is through them that Nature fulfills the need to subjugate: Let us not forget the wisdom of nature’s only real moral imperative as scryed by Nietzsche: “You will obey—something—and for a long time…”

We as a race now have no choice but to be painfully aware of what we enforce and inflict on ourselves as expressions of our development. We must be cruel to be kind, so that generations from now our descendants might be able to discern a clearer path than that which our christian, materialist, and egalitarian legacies have left in their decadent and destructive wakes via their enshrined vehicle, these “united states” of “america.” In other words, mankind must come to terms with the plan Natural Providence has blessed him with and enforce it without conscience, inflicting this Love like a brand on his own body without flinching. Intellect must be bent to the service of—instinct. Those precious few capable of seeing into the universe with an unsullied view must herald and lead the implementation of our Cultural Destiny, and the rest of mankind must be broken to their evolutionarily-ordained roles like horses to the bridle. The only option left open to the vast majority of humanity should be “obey—or die.” In the future, we can hope that this will be the only remaining expression of that insipid oxymoron, “free will.”
“Many signs point to the fact that we stand before the portals of an Age in which we will be able to talk once more of order and subordination, of command and obedience. None of these signs is more eloquent than the voluntary discipline to which youth is beginning to submit itself, its contempt for pleasure, its warrior-like mentality, its awakening feeling for virile and unconditional judgements.”

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