Revolutionary Work, Part 1, max frith

 Crossing the Abyss has said a lot – now what? That’s a good question. We don’t claim to have all the answers, and if we criticize, it’s for claims made but intentionally unfulfilled, not human error. Crossing the Abyss says what it means and means what it says. Because we see a successful movement as a growing, fluctuating, evolving organism, we’ll make no claims of grand action, but rather take one positive step at a time.

The way we see it, no American organization of the past ever had, nor does one have now, the ability to bring us to the achievement of our goals. Why? Our problems as a people are manifold, our needs as a people are manifold, the actions we must take are manifold, yet our organizations are consistently two-dimensional. Their programs, if they even have any, never really exist off paper. Three-dimensionality kills them.

We will never achieve our goals through legal politics – so political parties, political action committees, and mass organization programs will not work. We don’t have time to compete for the attention of mass-man–homo consumerus.

We will never achieve our goals by simply “riding out” or surviving some future “cataclysmic” event or upheaval. Since our movement, as an entity, presently lacks the dedication and determination to pack up and head northwest, leaving the “comforts” of home for the future of our race, this option is non-existent at this time. When part of the definition of “home” becomes a place where one has a racial identity in the mind of the community, perhaps this will change.

This strategy is ranted most, however, because it permits no action now except to wait – oh yes – and to “prepare,” which includes weapons training and collecting, learning military techniques of garroting and booby-trapping, and the like–everything but work! But realistically, all such a “cataclysmic” event would cause right now would be martial law, which would lock us down in our present state. We are already divided, and therefore already conquered!

We will never, as we exist now, achieve our goals through military action–so the militias, “action groups,” and “leaderless resistance” are delusional play-acting. Again, this theory of “get ready and wait” works much like the church and heaven.

Where were all these “soldiers” who were “armed and ready” when Ruby Ridge was under siege for eighteen months? How many federal agents were sniped by our “leaderless resistance” guerrillas? How many fed transports were sacked by “covert cells,” transports on the way to kill Vicki and Sam Weaver? How many battalions of militia gave combat support when the shit hit the fan?

We all know the answer to each of these questions: all the “get ready and wait” types were at home with the shades drawn and the mini-14 under the floorboards, while “ZOG” spent one and a half years in the heartland of the movement. If our movement cannot militarily secure the Idaho panhandle, let us save the embarrassment of hearing these pamphlet warriors rant about full-scale revolution “right around the corner.” There are only three comers to turn before you end up where you started! That’s where we are now. Shall we take a more productive route, or tip-toe around once more?

And all the “race war” theorists–where the hell were they when the first Rodney King verdict came down? The other side showed up full force and we suffered 52 casualties–where was our side? I thought that such an occurrence was all these types were waiting for! When the shit really did hit the fan – a true warfare situation arose – they shut out the lights and played “nobody’s home”!

And what America-wide race war could have been kicked off by a couple of well-placed sniper bullets just after the 0.J. Simpson verdict? At that time, for the first time in decades, mainstream whites were angry. And what happened? Perhaps the “race war” theorists believed that the gloves really didn’t fit?!

There was a brief period there awhile back when it did look like things might get going. We had that explosion in Oklahoma City – then the Amtrak derailment in Arizona – then the taking out of the radar station in New York – then nothing! What happened?

All this leads to one of two conclusions: One, we really haven’t got what it takes as a movement to truly carry on a military revolution; or Two, we’re not ready. Now I say we’re not ready; if you disagree, you accept number one. If we’re not ready, that’s nothing to be ashamed of – we’ve quite a battle before us. But this does mean one thing many don’t want to hear – and that is work. We’ve got lots of work to do. If we are not ready soon, we’re going to miss our chance.

So… I think we can safely rule out the old “when they come for my gun” and “we’re waiting for the right situation” bullshit. You know who you are. You’ve had your chance. Now do the movement a big favor, do the future of Aryan children a favor: shut up! Twenty years of that bullshit is enough to put any movement to sleep. Let’s wake up now!

Yes, the truth hurts, but we don’t make the truth – we just tell it. So where is our new direction? Believe it or not, a clue to that answer is already the hottest thing this sleepy movement has seen since Siege was published. And, as should have been expected, it’s coming from the youth. Hail the eternal occurrence of youth! We can glimpse the future direction of our movement up in Detroit – at Resistance Records. That’s right! But it isn’t just the music – the answer is inclusive of the music. The word of the day is culture–real culture. For how long have we, as a movement, been preaching about the great culture we’re afraid to lose, while we lived almost wholly outside its ultra-positive effects? Now it’s here, and fresh on its heels is a cultural resurgence in parts of society also. Resistance and others are putting out some fantastic music and a great magazine, both of which are expanding quickly – and globally. [Editor’s note: the preceding was written in 1995, prior to the (perhaps temporary?) shutdown of Resistance.]

Culture–there is a magickal energy that just might make us feel what all this “people” stuff really means. It could just take us to the next stage. If all the movement’s lethargic dinosaurs would roll over now and back the play of this new real trend, a new resurgence with tons of promise, perhaps we could triple, quadruple – who knows – its exposure and advancement. The movement is now creating something – we’ve put one and one together and gotten three. Now that, my friends, is the magic of a Folk.

Of course, music does not a movement make – not by far – but culture could, and this is the first true cultural resurgence we’ve had. There is magic in the air – let us fan the Aryan fire, and make sure everyone gets the heat.

There are two other areas that could also give us this magickal energy of culture. One of them is spirituality. Our resurrection of Paganism, a true Aryan spirituality, should have given us this cultural elan long ago, but what started out strong mostly ended up being burnt at the Christian stake. That’s right: the Christian stake, for most of our American Paganism is as Christian-like as it is dogmatic. The form is there, but the European spirituality is absent. Somewhere between the people who want you to really believe (not in a symbolic way) in a man on a goat-pulled chariot wielding a hammer, and those who have figured the Jews, blacks, and “evil” into Viking mythology, we lost the whole cultural experience. Someday, hopefully very soon, our American Pagan “gurus” will put down the Marvel comics and the Bible and look to our blood homeland – to Europe – where the true spirit of our Pagan heritage has emerged – not “Neo-paganism,” but the essence of classical Paganism re-presenced. Then cultural spirituality will infect the New World as deeply as it has the Old, and we will experience a spiritual resurgence equal to the one we are seeing in music.

The third cultural magic I speak of is that of the community. The whole significance of a Folk is the unifying spirit that possesses it. This spirit comes from shared blood, shared culture, and shared soil. All three a people make. Common soil is not just an end, it is also a means. There is a magic that circulates when a people occupies a certain land. This magic doesn’t operate over vast distances. We know this; it is a fundamental principle of all we stand for. How long have we been decrying our enemies for denying us a homeland, when we could have created our own long ago? Most of the movement has the whole process backwards. First we’re supposed to come together and create an area that acts as a homeland, where the magic of culture is vibrating; then we fight to preserve it. Our five states are sitting there with the cheapest land prices in America, while activists are streetfighting in New York City and Los Angeles. Right now we’re claiming to fight for something that is there for the taking. Of course, that means work, which isn’t as fun or exciting as driving around in uniforms looking for trouble.

Of course, if we were all to move to the five states, and really get something going, Big Brother would try to ruin it – of this have no doubt. But then at least we would have something to defend. Right now we’re fighting for some abstract idea. Again, the present program is two-dimensional–it only exists on paper. If an outsider were to read our publications and look at our activists, he’d get the impression that there is a guarded wall all the way around our five states. There isn’t one single roadblock on the highways that go into Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming–so why are our people dressed up like Nazi stormtroopers in Chicago and Miami, threatening to fight for a white homeland? I’ll tell you why. That little game–and that’s all it is. a game–is more fun and exciting than being dressed up like a farmer in Oregon, or a mechanic in Idaho, or a rancher in Wyoming. Big Brother has never yet prevented us from having a new homeland, because in order to do that we’d first have to really try to create one!

Yes, we need to sit back, collectively take a deep breath, and for once really think about the stages of development we must go through before military action of any sort becomes necessary and feasible. Never get us wrong, we are not pessimistic, and we are for a revolutionary territorial imperative. But most of the revolution will be a peaceful one–in our own minds. Again, the word that is scary to most people is not war, but work–yes, it is going to take a lot of work before we are even on the path towards a homeland. Work is not as glorifying as all that “mercenary” bullshit, but it is more success-oriented, and we owe that genuine attempt at victory to our children, and their children. That last “blaze of glory” so many among us live for will cost them their world. Such warrior sentiments are truly noble, of that there is no doubt, but only as part of a program based on success. The sign of an immature man is that he wants to die for a cause; the sign of a mature man is that he wants to live for one.

Before we waste one more year, one more dollar, one more man, we must consider all this. If it is truly a revolution you want, an Aryan homeland, a future for white children, then I ask you one question: why the hell aren’t you in the Northwest Territory? If you know who Robert Jay Mathews was, and what his image means to all of us, and you still live outside our five states, he died for nothing, and that is all there is to it. Period.

Ecce Novus Ordo Seclorum.

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