Folk and Land: The Revitalization of Our Culture


The soil is the foundation of our European Culture, both in terms of practical sustenance and spiritually. The land has a mystical quality to which the Folk is rooted by ties of Family–of Blood–for generation upon generation. This is the meaning of that misunderstood and slandered concept Blood & Soil.

The Village emerges to fill the social and economic needs of an expanding rural population, to both sell produce and facilitate social communication. This is the beginnings of a culture. As the Culture gives way to Civilization, the symbols are no longer the land and its Family/Blood rootedness, nor the Village; but the Town becoming City, and ultimately (at the last, ‘Winter’ phase of a Civilization) the Megalopolis, drawing the rural population into its embrace, submerging the citydweller into a nebulous, alienated mass of proletarians and merchants without ties of land or blood and with at most a precarious notion of family. Above it all stand the new lords and masters: the Bankers, with their democratic political demagogues.

The philosopher-historian Oswald Spengler writes of this disintegration in The Decline of The West: “The megalopolis – skeptical, practical, artificial – alone represents Civilization today. The soil-peasantry before its gates does not count. The ‘People’ means the city-people, an inorganic mass, something fluctuating.”

The Rootedness of the Peasantry

The peasant/farmer is rooted to the soil in a numinous, mystical manner. His land provides him with more than food or an income; it is here that the generations of his family live and die, where their sweat, blood and tears and laughter consecrate the earth in the most personal way. Where is there such connectedness to one’s environment in the City, where all is in a state of flux and transience: where impersonality is supreme. Spengler continues:

“He who digs and ploughs is seeking not to plunder, but to alter Nature. To plant implies not to take something, but to produce something. BUT WITH THIS, MAN HIMSELF BECOMES PLANT–namely, as peasant. He roots in the earth that he tends, the soul of man discovers a soul in the countryside, and a new earthboundness of being, a new feeling pronounces itself. Hostile Nature becomes the friend, earth becomes MOTHER Earth. Between sowing and begetting, harvest and death, and child and the grain, a profound affinity is set up…” The symbol of this youthful Culture, this ‘Springtime’ is the farmhouse, “The great symbol of settledness… It is PROPERTY in the most sacred sense of the word.”

It is the Civilization in its Late or “Winter” phase with the City and the citydweller :dominant that has man returning to a spiritually nomadic, rootless condition. He is no longer settled; there are no real, deep – inner – ties to property in the profound sense, not even among those who own their city dwellings. The City epitomized by the Megalopolis in Late Civilization (for ancient Rome and modern New York, London or Paris) draws the races of the world to it; no longer only the rural population of its own Folk. The Megalopolis is bloodless, money-based, desiring capital and labor regardless of the racial and cultural sources. The great melting-pot is upheld as the ideal. America symbolizes perfectly the Western Civilization’s Late phase, and whoever seeks to predict the future of his own society needs only to look first at what unfolds in America.

Urban Drift / Urban Sprawl

One of the most transparent signs of the crisis of the Western Civilization is both the depopulation of the countryside and urban sprawl.

In New Zealand a majority was still rural until 1906 at about 52%. By 1945 about a quarter of the population was still rural. However by 1980 the proportion had shrunk to 15% where it stands today. By 1990 68% lived in “main urban areas” defined as cities of at least 30,000 (NZ Official Yearbook 1995).

Simultaneously, urban centres are increasingly encroaching on surrounding countryside. Houses spring up on former farmland, even bordering wildlife reserves.


This is the inexorable process of a Civilization in decay. It follows the same phases as other Civilizations such as Rome, as Spengler showed. However, Western Man has the advantage of historical perspective, of an historical sense more finely tuned than any other Civilization. He can look back ore the past, on the Cycles of Civilization, and see the whence of his doing. He has an historical conscious that separates him from those of other Civilizations in a manner similar to the way humans are separated from other animals by their self-conscious. THE QUESTION REMAINS WHETHER THERE ARE SUFFICIENT NUMBERS WITH THE WILL AND THE SPIRITUAL ESSENCE LEFT NOT ONLY TO LEARN FROM THE PAST BUT TO PUT THOSE LESSONS INTO EFFECT BY FIGHTING FOR A REBIRTH OF THE WESTERN SOUL.

The tragedy is that those who did try to fight for a spiritual rebirth were defeated in 1945 and many of them were killed. It could well be this was the last chance we had; a tragedy from which we might not recover.

Nevertheless any revival of the European spirit MUST proceed from the concept of Blood & Soil. It must also take account of how the traditional and spiritual attributes of the European can be synthesized with our science and technology which are themselves products of the European soul: of that yearning for knowledge and exploration Spengler referred to as “Faustian.”

Indeed since science itself is but an unfolding of the laws of Nature, it seems logical that science and technology should work FOR the spirit of Blood & Soil, and not as they are now doing AGAINST. The problem is not with technology itself, or the unique Faustian soul that gives it shape; it is with the manner by which it is utilized to ravage Nature and dehumanize Man for the benefit of industrial capitalism and the small coteries of plutocrats who control it. The elimination of plutocracy is therefore a prerequisite for the rebirth of our Folk and Culture.

NS Germany: An Experiment in Western Rebirth

NS-Germany was the only major modern effort to address the decline of the Western Civilization, and to attempt an answer to the question of how to maintain a progressive, technological State yet return the Folk to the “Springtime” of its youth. Whatever mistakes, atrocities or excesses be attached to the NS experiment, the crisis of our time requires that we look at that experiment dispassionately to see what lessons might be learned from both its mistakes and successes. For the NS Reich was a conscious effort to return our Folk to the peasant values which alone can give health to our culture.

Dr. Anna Bramwell of Oxford has undertaken such an objective examination in her study of the Reich Peasant Leader and Minister of Agriculture, Walther Darre. (Blood & Soil: Walther Darre & Hitler’s Green Party, Kensal Press, Britain, 1985). Dr. Bramwell shows that Darre was a major pioneer of today’s ecological movement, and that many of his ideas filtered through to that movement. From 1934 he launched an organic farming programme. After the war he continued to write about problems of soil erosion, the dangers of artificial fertilizers, and the need to maintain biomass, until his death in 1953.

The real Germany was for Darre and his supporters within the National Socialist party not the Germany of merchants, feudal lords, cardinals, of Teutonic Knights bringing the mercantile spirit back from their Crusades in the Levant. It was the Germany of the peasant, and of the Peasant Revolt of 1525 which had sought to replace Roman, feudal law with a return to the old, customary German law under which they had been free.

Darre adopted certain of the views of Rudolf Steiner despite the latter’s opposition to NS. He opposed the industrialization of the farmer, artificial fertilizer, mass-produced grain, and insecticides. Goslar, a medieval town, became a new peasant capital, which Darre envisaged as the center for the formation of a Northern European peasant community. Festivals and farmers’ rallies were held here. Conferences on Blood & Soil were attended by representatives of Norwegian and Danish peasant movements.

Practical measures included large-scale land reclamation and harvest work undertaken by the youth of the Labor Service,where all classes of the young worked together. By the end of 1934 over half a million children from the cities and industrial areas had been sent on holidays to the country through State health programs.

“They saw, often for the first time, cattle grazing in the meadows, they felt the charm of the countryside, of the mountains, lakes and the sea. They had the unique experience of coming into contact with the customs of the peasantry, rural customs and festivities and with the peaceful charm of Nature, in contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life. Above all, it was the work of the farmer that turned out most impressive to the mind of the city child. The spirit of the city child struck roots, as it were, once again in the soil of its forefathers…” (Werner Reher, Social Welfare in Germany, Berlin, 1938).

The manner by which a progressive State could adjust itself to ecological need was expressed for e.g. in the huge autobahns that were constructed to be “embedded in the landscape organically,” under the direction of landscape architect and passionate ecologist Alwin Seifert. Only local materials were used in the construction.

Under NS the principal demands of the 1525 Peasant Revolt were at last fulfilled, returning old German law which assured the security of the peasant on his land against death, duty and foreclosure.

The Reich Agricultural Estate was founded as a self-governing corporation, after the manner of the corporations the peasants had prior to feudalism. The Estate was enacted in 1933 to combine all Germans associated with agriculture, from farmer to wholesaler and retailer of produce. As in the old guilds, the Estate ensured both the quality of the products and the social, economic and cultural welfare of its members. The Estate was divided into regional, district and local associations to account for local conditions and custom. It ensured both the production and marketing of produce in a national economic plan.

The basis of the peasant revival was the Hereditary Farms Act. “The law takes the farm as a living cell in the folk organism.” The law ensured that indebtedness was reduced, and that farmland could not be confiscated. The law “takes fields, farm homesteads and cattle as a natural unit in the center of which stands the farmer himself. The union is regarded as a permanent one. Therefore the farm shall remain to the descendants or relatives as an inheritance in the hands of free German peasants.” Hereditary farms were defined as those no larger than 300 acres and capable of supporting a family of several children, so that “as large a number as possible of medium and small farms shall be spread over the whole country.”

An Act of June 1, 1933, in seeking to reduce farm debt and protect the farmer, ensured repayment would be from the yield without endangering the farmer’s livelihood. Property could not be confiscated by creditors, nor auctioned. (Erich Schinnerer, German Law & Legislation, Berlin 1938).

Some Propositions

The revitalization of the European spirit and of Pan-Europa necessarily means a return to rustic, Heathen values and institutions, those that are organic above and beyond the artificiality and rootlessness of Late Civilization and its City basis.

The NS experiment provides ample lessons, as do the insights of both Rudolf Steiner and the ecological movement. However, as we’ve shown, the prerequisite for our revival is the demolition of plutocracy and the debt-banking system upon which it rests. Again, this requires a return to custom, to tradition which in the field of economics means BARTER. In a modern context this barter would take the form of credit and money issued as a non-usurious means of exchanging goods and services; not as at present as an interest-bearing debt for the profit of a few plutocrats. It means the socialization of banking. Details of such monetary reform are outside the scope of this study; suffice it to say that with usury-free people’s credit agriculture, and indeed all honest, productive work, would benefit; debt and tax would be enormously reduced. It is here pertinent to comment that NZ was established on debt by plutocrats and speculators, who charged an exorbitant 10% to 15% interest on loans for small holdings during the 1850’s. Today interest on rural debt accounts for the LARGEST single item of farm expenditure.

An e.g. of how modern technology and a rustic revival can not only co-exist but act as mutual stimuli is the potential for ethanol as a fuel that is non-toxic to the point of being drinkable and has no pollutants. Ethanol is produced from a large variety of vegetation. The cultivation of such crops for ethanol production would alone provide a huge incentive for rural expansion.

Like the Reich Agricultural Estate and the Labor Front of NS Germany, new forms of representation are needed to replace the old liberal parliaments that merely act as a facade for plutocracy. Occupational and professional franchise can replace the election of party candidates as a more direct and competent form of representation. Such elections could easily be undertaken via the unions and professional organizations, which themselves could be reformed as Guilds and Corporations in the Medieval manner, not only representing their members at national and local assemblies, but also being responsible for their social, economic and cultural welfare and education. Once again, a detailed examination of the mechanism of the Corporate State is beyond the scope of this paper.

Cheap, efficient public transport could be developed as the alternative to cars, and certainly there should be frequent “car-free” days, and perhaps a limitation on the number of cars per family. No doubt at first the necessity to walk to one’s local shop up the street instead of driving would be a great inconvenience and burden to some!

Parks, reserves and gardens need to be developed on a large scale and within urban areas. There must be limits on the rush to build houses on every piece of available land; and certainly – if only for aesthetic reasons – a house should not be constructed within sight of a wildlife reserve! There should be an end to multi-layered apartment buildings, whether public or private, and all dwellings should have at least minimal land for cultivation.

All primary and secondary schools should have a significant portion of property devoted to cultivating vegetables, such work being part of every student’s curriculum, and the products themselves being consumed for school lunches.

The rustic spirit that lurks repressed within the European Folk can again be raised to consciousness by the celebration of the Seasons, National and local festivals, agricultural fairs, and mobile rural exhibitions as features of the life of every city and town.

Excursions between rural and urban areas should be regular features in the education of youth, including extended visits on farms… A Youth Service should be established where the sons of all classes work side-by-side, and this should certainly include the establishment of Youth Camps in rural areas, and regular farmwork.

Our artists and musicians might lend their creativity to this spiritual rebirth by celebrating the numinosity of Blood & Soil, Folk & Land in their art, and should be patronized by the State and guilds to do so.

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Among the European pantheons, there are two fairly well known mythological tales of destruction and renewal. In the Norse myth of Ragnarök, a conflict ensues between the “light” and “dark’ gods. All is destroyed, including the gods on both sides, and Baldur, the Son of Odin, re-emerges to lead in the rebuilding of a new world. There is also the Greek myth of the Phoenix, a great bird which lives for a certain period of time, then builds its own funeral pyre and flaps its wings to ignite the flames. With its great wings, the Phoenix purposefully fans the fires of its own destruction. When the fire has burned out, a new Phoenix, mightier than the old, emerges from the ashes.

It seems the biggest difference in these similar myths is the agent of destruction. Baldur is slain, essentially, by the trickster god Loki, while the Phoenix destroys itself. Ragnarök can be seen to represent the workings of polarized forces in the eternal cycle of life-death-renewal. This cycle governs civilizations. The Phoenix, however, with its lack of interacting forces, seems to encompass the self-generation of the forces of life-death-renewal in ourselves. These are the forces of self-overcoming.

This aspect of life is very important to our movement. Self-overcoming is a painful yet necessary experience. We have all endured many trying events in our lives – lost love, lost lives, failure, even the transition from childhood to adolescence, and adolescence to adulthood. These are everyday human manifestations of the rise of the Phoenix – in each endeavor, part of us is lost, yet we emerge stronger than before. The greatest significance of the Phoenix is that its life-death-renewal process is eternal, and therefore its greatness infinite.

What does the Phoenix represent to us now, as members of a revolutionary movement? If we take an honest moment to consider the movement, we will recognize many “Phoenixes” which plainly refuse to overcome, to build the funeral pyre of their unsuccessful paths, their once good but now stale stances, their outdated regalia. The flames of that fire are indeed difficult to bear, especially when they consume, by our own will, the work of years, sometimes of a lifetime. Yet the Phoenix, true to its cause, dutifully builds its pyre, ignites the flame, and fans the fire of self-destruction with an eye to the future – to the re-emergence of something more noble than what is lost. The newborn greatness is worth the painful fire. When this natural process is forsaken, stagnation and decay settle in. We see this in our society; we must now see this in our movement.

It seems obvious that when the duty to carry on the eternal saga of the Phoenix is disregarded, the destruction necessary to allow the renewal process to continue will come eventually, via Ragnarök, and inevitable destruction from without.

How many of us have looked forward with eager eyes for the advent of Ragnarök, while we did not even deal adequately with the cycles of our own existence? Can one who refuses to accept the fires of his own self-overcoming, due to vanity or weakness, really hope to survive the destructive fires of an entire civilization?

Many pagans have known and taught the significance of Ragnarök for a long time. It is now time to fully understand the numinous meaning of the Phoenix. How can we demand that civilizations in decay must be destroyed in order that a new, brighter civilization may arise, when we do not adhere to the same cyclical necessities in the lives of men, and of the movement as an organism? The barbarians who crash the gates of the city thereafter crash our front doors!

Mythology, it has been said, is something that never was, but always is. Let us heed the wise messages of our great progenitors. We will never forget the majesty of the Acropolis, the enchantment of Homer, the wisdom of Socrates, or the might of the Spartan warrior. Let us likewise never forget the fires of the Phoenix.

There is much that is new in our movement, much that is fresh and invigorating. Why does the old, stagnant, proven-ineffective, stand beside it—crowd it—like a vulture beside the shining new Phoenix? We must collectively contemplate our philosophies, our thoughts, our actions, and ensure that each is not fit to be hurled upon the funeral pyre. If we see things that are, let us build the pyre with perseverance and a sense of duty, never forgetting that new heights shall be reached when the fires have died. Let us be willing to sacrifice parts of ourselves, even parts we have come to love and admire, so that greatness, and not custom, carries the torch of the moment.

Only thus can we, as a movement, continue to evolve as our environment evolves, and play a principal role in the events of the future. The many temporary deaths we will suffer as the fires of the Phoenix are ablaze are nothing compared to the eternal death, with no possible re-emergence, that our people win suffer if we are not always new, always strong, always prepared to defend

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Revolutionary Work, Part 1, max frith

 Crossing the Abyss has said a lot – now what? That’s a good question. We don’t claim to have all the answers, and if we criticize, it’s for claims made but intentionally unfulfilled, not human error. Crossing the Abyss says what it means and means what it says. Because we see a successful movement as a growing, fluctuating, evolving organism, we’ll make no claims of grand action, but rather take one positive step at a time.

The way we see it, no American organization of the past ever had, nor does one have now, the ability to bring us to the achievement of our goals. Why? Our problems as a people are manifold, our needs as a people are manifold, the actions we must take are manifold, yet our organizations are consistently two-dimensional. Their programs, if they even have any, never really exist off paper. Three-dimensionality kills them.

We will never achieve our goals through legal politics – so political parties, political action committees, and mass organization programs will not work. We don’t have time to compete for the attention of mass-man–homo consumerus.

We will never achieve our goals by simply “riding out” or surviving some future “cataclysmic” event or upheaval. Since our movement, as an entity, presently lacks the dedication and determination to pack up and head northwest, leaving the “comforts” of home for the future of our race, this option is non-existent at this time. When part of the definition of “home” becomes a place where one has a racial identity in the mind of the community, perhaps this will change.

This strategy is ranted most, however, because it permits no action now except to wait – oh yes – and to “prepare,” which includes weapons training and collecting, learning military techniques of garroting and booby-trapping, and the like–everything but work! But realistically, all such a “cataclysmic” event would cause right now would be martial law, which would lock us down in our present state. We are already divided, and therefore already conquered!

We will never, as we exist now, achieve our goals through military action–so the militias, “action groups,” and “leaderless resistance” are delusional play-acting. Again, this theory of “get ready and wait” works much like the church and heaven.

Where were all these “soldiers” who were “armed and ready” when Ruby Ridge was under siege for eighteen months? How many federal agents were sniped by our “leaderless resistance” guerrillas? How many fed transports were sacked by “covert cells,” transports on the way to kill Vicki and Sam Weaver? How many battalions of militia gave combat support when the shit hit the fan?

We all know the answer to each of these questions: all the “get ready and wait” types were at home with the shades drawn and the mini-14 under the floorboards, while “ZOG” spent one and a half years in the heartland of the movement. If our movement cannot militarily secure the Idaho panhandle, let us save the embarrassment of hearing these pamphlet warriors rant about full-scale revolution “right around the corner.” There are only three comers to turn before you end up where you started! That’s where we are now. Shall we take a more productive route, or tip-toe around once more?

And all the “race war” theorists–where the hell were they when the first Rodney King verdict came down? The other side showed up full force and we suffered 52 casualties–where was our side? I thought that such an occurrence was all these types were waiting for! When the shit really did hit the fan – a true warfare situation arose – they shut out the lights and played “nobody’s home”!

And what America-wide race war could have been kicked off by a couple of well-placed sniper bullets just after the 0.J. Simpson verdict? At that time, for the first time in decades, mainstream whites were angry. And what happened? Perhaps the “race war” theorists believed that the gloves really didn’t fit?!

There was a brief period there awhile back when it did look like things might get going. We had that explosion in Oklahoma City – then the Amtrak derailment in Arizona – then the taking out of the radar station in New York – then nothing! What happened?

All this leads to one of two conclusions: One, we really haven’t got what it takes as a movement to truly carry on a military revolution; or Two, we’re not ready. Now I say we’re not ready; if you disagree, you accept number one. If we’re not ready, that’s nothing to be ashamed of – we’ve quite a battle before us. But this does mean one thing many don’t want to hear – and that is work. We’ve got lots of work to do. If we are not ready soon, we’re going to miss our chance.

So… I think we can safely rule out the old “when they come for my gun” and “we’re waiting for the right situation” bullshit. You know who you are. You’ve had your chance. Now do the movement a big favor, do the future of Aryan children a favor: shut up! Twenty years of that bullshit is enough to put any movement to sleep. Let’s wake up now!

Yes, the truth hurts, but we don’t make the truth – we just tell it. So where is our new direction? Believe it or not, a clue to that answer is already the hottest thing this sleepy movement has seen since Siege was published. And, as should have been expected, it’s coming from the youth. Hail the eternal occurrence of youth! We can glimpse the future direction of our movement up in Detroit – at Resistance Records. That’s right! But it isn’t just the music – the answer is inclusive of the music. The word of the day is culture–real culture. For how long have we, as a movement, been preaching about the great culture we’re afraid to lose, while we lived almost wholly outside its ultra-positive effects? Now it’s here, and fresh on its heels is a cultural resurgence in parts of society also. Resistance and others are putting out some fantastic music and a great magazine, both of which are expanding quickly – and globally. [Editor’s note: the preceding was written in 1995, prior to the (perhaps temporary?) shutdown of Resistance.]

Culture–there is a magickal energy that just might make us feel what all this “people” stuff really means. It could just take us to the next stage. If all the movement’s lethargic dinosaurs would roll over now and back the play of this new real trend, a new resurgence with tons of promise, perhaps we could triple, quadruple – who knows – its exposure and advancement. The movement is now creating something – we’ve put one and one together and gotten three. Now that, my friends, is the magic of a Folk.

Of course, music does not a movement make – not by far – but culture could, and this is the first true cultural resurgence we’ve had. There is magic in the air – let us fan the Aryan fire, and make sure everyone gets the heat.

There are two other areas that could also give us this magickal energy of culture. One of them is spirituality. Our resurrection of Paganism, a true Aryan spirituality, should have given us this cultural elan long ago, but what started out strong mostly ended up being burnt at the Christian stake. That’s right: the Christian stake, for most of our American Paganism is as Christian-like as it is dogmatic. The form is there, but the European spirituality is absent. Somewhere between the people who want you to really believe (not in a symbolic way) in a man on a goat-pulled chariot wielding a hammer, and those who have figured the Jews, blacks, and “evil” into Viking mythology, we lost the whole cultural experience. Someday, hopefully very soon, our American Pagan “gurus” will put down the Marvel comics and the Bible and look to our blood homeland – to Europe – where the true spirit of our Pagan heritage has emerged – not “Neo-paganism,” but the essence of classical Paganism re-presenced. Then cultural spirituality will infect the New World as deeply as it has the Old, and we will experience a spiritual resurgence equal to the one we are seeing in music.

The third cultural magic I speak of is that of the community. The whole significance of a Folk is the unifying spirit that possesses it. This spirit comes from shared blood, shared culture, and shared soil. All three a people make. Common soil is not just an end, it is also a means. There is a magic that circulates when a people occupies a certain land. This magic doesn’t operate over vast distances. We know this; it is a fundamental principle of all we stand for. How long have we been decrying our enemies for denying us a homeland, when we could have created our own long ago? Most of the movement has the whole process backwards. First we’re supposed to come together and create an area that acts as a homeland, where the magic of culture is vibrating; then we fight to preserve it. Our five states are sitting there with the cheapest land prices in America, while activists are streetfighting in New York City and Los Angeles. Right now we’re claiming to fight for something that is there for the taking. Of course, that means work, which isn’t as fun or exciting as driving around in uniforms looking for trouble.

Of course, if we were all to move to the five states, and really get something going, Big Brother would try to ruin it – of this have no doubt. But then at least we would have something to defend. Right now we’re fighting for some abstract idea. Again, the present program is two-dimensional–it only exists on paper. If an outsider were to read our publications and look at our activists, he’d get the impression that there is a guarded wall all the way around our five states. There isn’t one single roadblock on the highways that go into Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming–so why are our people dressed up like Nazi stormtroopers in Chicago and Miami, threatening to fight for a white homeland? I’ll tell you why. That little game–and that’s all it is. a game–is more fun and exciting than being dressed up like a farmer in Oregon, or a mechanic in Idaho, or a rancher in Wyoming. Big Brother has never yet prevented us from having a new homeland, because in order to do that we’d first have to really try to create one!

Yes, we need to sit back, collectively take a deep breath, and for once really think about the stages of development we must go through before military action of any sort becomes necessary and feasible. Never get us wrong, we are not pessimistic, and we are for a revolutionary territorial imperative. But most of the revolution will be a peaceful one–in our own minds. Again, the word that is scary to most people is not war, but work–yes, it is going to take a lot of work before we are even on the path towards a homeland. Work is not as glorifying as all that “mercenary” bullshit, but it is more success-oriented, and we owe that genuine attempt at victory to our children, and their children. That last “blaze of glory” so many among us live for will cost them their world. Such warrior sentiments are truly noble, of that there is no doubt, but only as part of a program based on success. The sign of an immature man is that he wants to die for a cause; the sign of a mature man is that he wants to live for one.

Before we waste one more year, one more dollar, one more man, we must consider all this. If it is truly a revolution you want, an Aryan homeland, a future for white children, then I ask you one question: why the hell aren’t you in the Northwest Territory? If you know who Robert Jay Mathews was, and what his image means to all of us, and you still live outside our five states, he died for nothing, and that is all there is to it. Period.

Ecce Novus Ordo Seclorum.

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We Good Europeans – Max Frith




There is an American-invented prejudice which should be dragged out into the light where it will perish, like the fungal growth that it is. This prejudice is the over-used American preference to the qualities of Northern Europeans. I do not here denote the use of the word “Northern” as used to describe Scandinavian countries, but rather its misuse as a term to describe some form of “real” European. The strange thing about this pseudo- description is that in Europe, where men know what European means because they are Europeans, this prejudice doesn’t exist. Ironically, it is in European mutt-dom, America, that some people find the nerve to decide which Europeans are “really” Europeans, or “more Aryan” than others. A brief look at recent history should demonstrate how unfair, ignorant, and disrespectful these categorizations are. Let us use World War II.

As we all know, it was the German nations which primarily carried the Aryan torch in World War II. But, who responded to Hitler’s call, who took up arms against the Aryan resurgence, and who straddled the fence?

England and France, both Western or Northern European countries, fought against National Socialism, and therefore, against our race. Fascist Italy, on the other hand, fought with National Socialism; Spain remained embroiled in its own Fascist/Communist civil war. Both are Southern European countries.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Ukraine, all Eastern European countries, fought for Hitler in the Russian campaign, and were later sold out to the Communists for doing so – by their Northern European counterparts.

Some other Northern European countries which Americans often label as the “more Aryan” Europeans, Sweden, the Republic of Ireland, and Switzerland, all remained neutral, which, considering the implications of the battle fought, was equivalent to siding with the anti-National Socialist allies.

Even Greece, that extremely Southern European country, was pro-Axis, and would have sided with Hitler had not British intelligence assassinated its National Socialist president, General Metaxas, in 1941.

Even today, Spain has more Skinheads than America, Italy has a powerful Fascist party which includes Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter, Alessandra, and Greece’s Golden Dawn is among the most influential National Socialist entities in the world.

In consideration of the very Aryan deeds of our Southern and Eastern European brethren, past and present, should not we, as Jew-controlled, world-policing, American cross-breeds, give respect where due? Let not the cultureless define culture, Per Angusta Ad Augusta.




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‘Till the Living Flesh is Burned! A Brief Treatise on “Humanity” – Michael L



The Age of Iron was a Golden Age. The luminous heated metal that clings to the shape of the mold, the obedience of the steel to the roughshod whim of the hammer, the thrust of the Blade into the heart of the Enemy—this is an expression of Love in its purest form, beautifully unadorned with the trappings of mere sentiment or romance. The people of this time must be made to kneel once more before their proper masters, lest the guiding principle of the common man become the species’ epitaph. What is needed now more than ever before is a clear path, the crystallization of Destiny, the one True Love that Nature feels for Man. Perhaps this is obvious, but what is not commonly acknowledged is that Destiny, once gleaned from the inner workings of the blood-soul, must be enforced and not be allowed to passively evade those whose perception is geared towards making such distinctions. The future of Man rests amongst the Stars of whose very nature he partakes by virtue of being a sovereign over his own “system,” those bodies in perpetual motion around him, be they lesser men or the icons they generate and venerate: “As above, so below.” The Veil of Heaven must be pierced and torn asunder at the cruel thrust of von Braun’s elaborated Spear of Destiny, such that our race might take ever-larger leaps onto yet farther worlds, and conquer them for the sake of Life’s Cause, “to be fruitful and multiply…”

But those elements of our species which feel a complacent and sentimental attachment to, rather than intuit an active and instinctual involvement with, our Earth, mistakenly perceive a “moral imperative” to halt the otherwise inevitable March to the Stars; they must be dealt with in absolute and unwavering terms. It must ultimately be understood that to conquer is the purest of human actions in this world; once the basic requirements of survival have been met, there still remains this push, the will-to-power which manifests most notably in those whom we would call thoroughbreds, men of Faustian cast through and through, who ultimately find no other liberation than the deed itself, however liberated it may be of conventional morality. They know that power alone and uninhibited is the ultimate liberation and ends of the survival instinct. It is through them that Nature fulfills the need to subjugate: Let us not forget the wisdom of nature’s only real moral imperative as scryed by Nietzsche: “You will obey—something—and for a long time…”

We as a race now have no choice but to be painfully aware of what we enforce and inflict on ourselves as expressions of our development. We must be cruel to be kind, so that generations from now our descendants might be able to discern a clearer path than that which our christian, materialist, and egalitarian legacies have left in their decadent and destructive wakes via their enshrined vehicle, these “united states” of “america.” In other words, mankind must come to terms with the plan Natural Providence has blessed him with and enforce it without conscience, inflicting this Love like a brand on his own body without flinching. Intellect must be bent to the service of—instinct. Those precious few capable of seeing into the universe with an unsullied view must herald and lead the implementation of our Cultural Destiny, and the rest of mankind must be broken to their evolutionarily-ordained roles like horses to the bridle. The only option left open to the vast majority of humanity should be “obey—or die.” In the future, we can hope that this will be the only remaining expression of that insipid oxymoron, “free will.”
“Many signs point to the fact that we stand before the portals of an Age in which we will be able to talk once more of order and subordination, of command and obedience. None of these signs is more eloquent than the voluntary discipline to which youth is beginning to submit itself, its contempt for pleasure, its warrior-like mentality, its awakening feeling for virile and unconditional judgements.”

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Dualism and the Cycles of Time – Kerry Bolton



The moral dogma that has infected Western Civilization since its beginning is a Judaic DUALISM inherited from Zoroastrianism and brought in by the virus of Christianity.

Dualism states that there is a battle being fought in both the spiritual and earthly realms (and even within every individual) between two opposites, “good and evil.”
Not only has this Dualism subverted our Culture, it has turned the individual into a split personality: this is the result of repressing what is considered ‘evil’ about one’s nature by moral and religious dogmas.

Cycles of Time

Before this dualism was implanted, pagan societies didn’t label natural forces with such absolute moral attributes. There were creative and destructive forces in Nature, often symbolized as gods. But even the destructive aspects had creative purposes, and were part of a transcendent cosmic unity.

For example, in what moral context can we place Indo-Aryan deities such as Shiva and Kali? To the Western dualized mind they would be considered ‘evil’ because of their primal destructiveness. But to the Hindus, retaining the ancient Aryan wisdom, they were ‘beyond good and evil.’ They comprise both the creative and destructive aspects of Nature in their various forms and roles. Even their destructive roles are a vital part of a cosmic cyclical process of CREATION-DESTRUCTION-RENEWAL: Shiva in his Cosmic Dance of Destruction clears the way for another round of history’s ancient Cycles.


The Germans and Norse, like their Indo-Aryan kinsfolk, also had this cyclical cosmology. The destruction brought by Ragnarök is the prelude to a new Earth, new humanity, new heaven, and even a new pantheon of gods. The gods themselves cannot avoid their Fate, for without the destruction by Ragnarök there would be stagnation and decay.

The dark forces of Loki, Fenrir, Surt, Garm, and Iormungandr are catalysts for Change; thus the cycle continues: creation-destruction-renewal. This is the inexorable process that can be observed in both History and Nature.

The Aryan Persians before Zoroastrianism had a conception of interplay between the Light and Dark forces which were seen as two aspects of Zervan, Lord of Time—the Light of Ahura Mazda and the Dark of Ahriman were both emanations of Zervan. Zoroastrianism divided these two into moral opposites separated from the Time Lord. It is from here that Judaism and ultimately Christianity got their dualism, which has afflicted the West.

Some of the Gnostic sects rejected Dualism and restored the ancient wisdom in the deity Abraxas, who united all polarities within himself. The psychologist Carl Jung turned to Abraxas when considering the interrelationship that exists between polarities in Nature.


Jung revived the ancient wisdom with modem scientific methods and terms, but drawing much from pre- and non- Christian cultures and Medieval Alchemy. He sought to unify the polarities within the individual to create the whole person (called ‘individuation’) no longer cut off from his repressed so-called ‘evil’ shadow self. This ‘individuation’ of Jungian psychology is also akin to the occultists’ quest for adeptship.

Jung was concerned with how a neurotic Christian civilization could be brought back to the completeness of pagan times. He saw the need to allow the repressed barbarian lurking within modem man to resurface and find a modem expression—thus his support for National Socialist Germany as an expression of the repressed Shadow Self of the Germans, symbolized as Wotan.

Christianized Neopagans

Judeo-Christian moral dualism is now so deep-seated within the Western psyche that even those Pagans who think they are outside the Christian context are as dualized as any Christling. These “Neopagans” (sic) have made internationalists and pacifists out of tribal war gods! Where warrior attributes cannot be ignored, they have been transformed into “the way of the peaceful warrior” (puke!).Tyr, Thor, and Odin have been castrated. The ‘neopagans’ have simply made the Old Gods reflections of their own dualized half-selves. They have repressed as ‘evil’ the Dark aspects. These ‘neopagans’ are worse than useless; they are another aspect of the dualism that is driving the European folk to self-destruction. Even many (most?) of the harder-line ‘Odinists’ have a cosmology that is essentially Christian. They have dualized the Aesir and the Jotuns into contending moral forces of “good vs. evil.” Odin (or Baldur) is their Jesus. Loki is their Satan. Ragnarök is their Armageddon. The whole significance of Indo-European cyclical cosmology has been rendered null and void.

The Pagan heritage has been dualized… Christianized!

There are some Pagans, however, who continue to honor the ancient wisdom. They see the Cosmos as an interplay of polarities, not as a battlefield of moral dualities. It is this that is the basis of evolution. Without this catalyst mankind slips back into the nebulous mass from which he evolved. It is just such a degraded state that the religions and moralities of decay are dragging us towards. Let our path be starbound. Hail Odin! Hail Loki!

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What IS a “White Order”?


The former American branch of the Black Order of Pan-Europa has changed its name to the White Order. The primary interest of the leadership in doing so was simply to distinguish itself from the international Black Order, from which it had broken for politico-ideological reasons. However, this particular change of names also involved a shift in spiritual perspective and values, as a significant part of the membership so desired it.

An Order that’s White in spirit as well as in the flesh is built on ancient foundations. its usages are not arbitrary human constructs, but universal and eternal forms that have guided the race since its first appearance on this planet. For example, the traditional system of initiatory degrees (not used in WOT–Ed.) is based on the ten fundamental spheres of energy, determined by the seven major chakras in the body plus three supracorporeal regions that lie beyond. These are shown on the cover in the chart from the book NOS by Miguel Serrano, with the exception of the tenth and highest–possibly because it’s often considered so ineffable that it’s beyond all human efforts to depict symbolically.

The chart is adequate, however, to explain the true, metaphysical derivation of White and Black Orders, and their actual relation to each other. I myself use the term “Ultrasphere” for the ninth center, designated “Elella” and “Nos” by Serrano; and the “black hole” or Void separating this from the seven spheres of the rest of creation is called the Abyss in many schools.

One interpretation of the “Black Order” is that it is composed of souls who have plunged or fallen into the Abyss and failed to make it across. Thus they become trapped in this Void of Spirit, believing that existence is meaningless; they are lost souls stripped of identity and purpose, wandering in the Abyss indefinitely, and perhaps eternally.

The true and timeless White Order has its foundation in the ground of being in the Ultrasphere across the Abyss. This is the ultimate source of life, light, and identity (Serrano’s “Ultimate Flower”–Ed.) This is what empowers the Order to accomplish the positive ends of universal destiny, called Dharma, and guarantees salvation, success, and victory to any individual or temporal grouping that permanently aligns itself with this mission. The strictures for the alignment are rigorous, being determined not by human will but by the natural operations of the cosmos. In any process or undertaking in the material world, the Dharma must be adhered to every step of the way.

The task of the White Order in the present day is formidable: to save the race and the species from its headlong planetary plunge into the Abyss. In order to do this, the vast instrumentality of evil that now dominates the Earth must be overthrown and destroyed. This is specifically the job of the Black Order, in its proper role as an arm and subsidiary of the White. The danger is that the raw primal fury and violence necessary for this task will escape the bounds of the Dharma and sweep all before it, and bring about the very doom it was intended to prevent. Adepts of the White Order know that even bloody revolution and world-scale war can be carried through in ways that do not violate the Dharma (q.v. “The Second Coming of Q”), and their task here is to see that it’s done in this way.

One of the peculiarities of the dark headset of the Movement is a tendency to idealize Hitler and romanticize the Third Reich. This leads into the kind of absurdities that are possible only in the context of a collective fantasy. The mainstream culture demonizes the Nazis as the evilest gang of dastards in history, and even considering the massive distortions inflicted on the historical record since the war, it’s still very bizarre to encounter people who seriously believe that the Fuhrer and his crew did no wrong at all, but were flawless paragons of the purest and noblest Aryan virtue.

A case can be made that the spiritual impulse in turn-of-the-century Germany exemplified by the Germanenorden and Thule Gesselschaft was a true manifestation of the White Order, and that their invokation of a German Avatar was the high magic (Magia) which called forth Adolf Hitler onto the stage of history. But even if this were so, the catastrophic fate of the Reich leaves no doubt that at some point in the operation the Black Order attained dominance over the White. This inversion of power may have taken place right at the very beginning, but it was certainly manifest by the time that Hitler threw the Thuleans into concentration camps. It’s abundantly clear that the Dharma was violated at all levels of the leadership.

Another possibility is that there was a larger Dharma involved in the disaster. Perhaps the Third Reich and World War II were necessary stages of an even vaster drama that must be played out in order to bring the age to its necessary conclusion, and lead to the ultimate apotheosis of the race and of the forces of Light. Perhaps Hitler was sent to Earth to lose the war on purpose, because this was the only way to prepare the eventual victory. Perhaps.

In any event, another valuable lesson provided by the failure of the Reich is the inadequacy of its attempt to revive the low magic of the past as a foundation for the future. The current Aryanist subculture generates endless debate on the question of why Odinism was driven into extinction by Christianity in the Middle Ages, but none of this often heated speculation ever hits the mark. Beneath all the military, racial, and cultural elements is the fact that Christianity was a high religion while Odinism was not, and hence Christianity was metaphysically more powerful. So it was that a bastardized but high alien creed was able to overcome the forces of the native Aryan low religion. And it will do so again and again, whenever two such forces come into conflict.

So what’s the distinction between high and low religion? The same as that between high and low magic: the doctrines and practices of high religion originate from Across the Abyss. Even when the usages of any such religion become corrupt and fall away from their high origin, they still retain a large measure of the metaphysical force accruing from it.

The only hope for the children of the Northern peoples to collectively cross the Abyss and find their Dharma is by means of an Aryan high religion. And even if there has not been one in physical manifestation for a thousand years, it’s yet possible for this to change, because the transmission-chain of White Order initiates has remained unbroken for much, much longer than this. When the times and the seasons are ripe, the thrice-ancient teachings and magics will reappear and seem new to those who live at the tail end of millennia. And thus we can hope for light in the darkest hour.

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